Attractions: Dugort, Achill Island

Located on the north side of Achill Island, overlooking Blacksod Bay, Dugort is home to two Blue Flag beaches: the smaller beach is the Silver Strand, situated at the foot of Slievemore mountain, while further east is the vast Golden Strand with its sandy dunes and grasses. Dugort itself is the original tourist destination on Achill, as the Slievemore Hotel (formerly the Achill Mission Hotel, and now private apartments) was established here in 1839. The hotel was just one innovation brought to the area by Protestant colonisers from England, led by the Reverend Edward Nangle. The legacy of The Colony includes St. Thomas's church, the Slievemore hotel, contemporary field systems, and rows of terraced houses.

Dugort, Achill Island

Today Dugort offers a peaceful beach retreat complimented by a hotel with restaurant, a coffee shop, and a popular bar-restaurant.

Front gardens of Achill Cottages
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