Attractions: Kildavnet, Achill Island

Located on the south-east coast of Achill Island, overlooking the Atlantic waters of Achill Sound, the area around Kildavnet is rich in history and heritage. The skyline is dominated by the tower, the remnants of a 15th century tower house that was later used by the notorious pirate queen Granuaille (Grace O'Malley, c.1530-1603). She is reputed to have had several such strongholds, including one on Clare Island, from which she controlled the waters of Clew Bay and the west of Ireland sea passages. Close to the tower is an old church, said to be built on the site of a church established by St. Dympna in the 7th century. The placename 'Cill Damhnait' is literally translated as 'the small church of Davnet'. Adjacent to the church is a graveyard which contains, among other memorials, a tribute to the Achill youngsters who lost their lives in the Kirkintilloch tragedy of 1937 and an equally moving memorial to the 32 young Achill people who perished in the 1894 Clew Bay Drowning tragegy.

Kildavnet, Achill Island

The tower, church and graveyard at Kildavnet are located on the Atlantic Drive, a scenic route that hugs the Atlantic coastline of Achill Island and the Currane Peninsula.

Front gardens of Achill Cottages
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